Second Furniture Tour

by Communications

Today marked the second and (unfortunately) last furniture tour.

Our Interior team was on the road for the last time, visiting Dutch families and second hand shops all around the country. A lot of surprises , beautiful landscapes and rain. In conclusion a typical day in the Netherlands, to settle the gathering of all the objects that will populate our house. We gathered second hand pieces, knick-knacks and a lot of furniture with memories attached of families that used these pieces for years. A few details are yet to come, but imagining the house in construction with our great collection of furniture, we already feel home!

Many thanks to all our supporters that donated their furniture for a very good cause, your help is much appreciated!

2014-05-07 14.45.57
2014-05-07 15.22.37
2014-05-07 16.59.34
2014-05-07 17.54.19
foto 2
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