Construction Week 3

by Prêt-à-loger

We are starting to get something resembling a house. This week we have finished off the inner- and outer walls of the first floor, roof, and have started the glass house frame. Climate installations are also being placed with tubing as the main focus this week.

First floor

This week all the exterior walls of the first floor were fitted into slots cut out of the floor panels, which rest on top of the ground floor walls. The roof panels are supported by a huge wooden roof beam that spans over the entire width of the house, and by each of the four facade panels. Fitting them in place turned out to be a challenge, since some of them did not fit as well as we would have hoped. After some knocks from the sledge-hammer they fitted perfectly though! We managed to get the roof panels placed at the end of our 3rd construction week so our house now fulfills it’s primary function: shelter.

Insulated North Facade

Sto placed their insulation on the North facade this week as well. This extra insulation layer makes sure that the house does not lose that much heat anymore during winter times. On the south side this extra insulation layer is not needed since the glasshouse will fulfill that function there. The insulation panels could not become wet during construction, which posed a challenge with the Dutch weather conditions. We wrapped up the entire facade in orange plastic to prevent this, proud to be Dutch!


This week also meant the start of constructing our glass house in the back garden. Steel columns were placed in slots of the garden, assembled as one big 3D puzzle. A lot of elements had to be bolted together, steel frames with steel columns, steel beams with steel columns, but also aluminium parts bolted onto the steel frame directly. These aluminum parts will be holding the moving glass windows in place, where as the steel frame will provide the load bearing capacity for the whole glass house.


A huge challenge for the climate installations and tubing is the demount ability of our house, which is something not regularly dealt with. Our house consists of 10 floor panels, 8 wall panels and a roof. This means that every panel has tubing fitted to it, which can be plugged in on site in Versailles which drastically reduces building time. All of this is prepared here in the Netherlands right now. This week we started with the tubing for the heating, toilet, sink and kitchen. A special element placed on the ground floor is the heat recovery unit of the shower. A 2 meter long element, fixed to the wall on the ground floor, takes the waste water from the shower above to preheat the cold water going into the shower head. One of the ventilation shafts that runs through the first floor of the house has also been placed. This shaft runs from the shower, through the media room on the first floor to the chimney at the other end of the house, to a heat recovery unit that is placed there. Heating tubes were also placed underneath the plot, were holes were drilled in the double wooden foundation beams. ⌂

10153953_302870676535813_1259511434468423687_nThe walls are up and covered with the post-insulation of Sto
10177222_302870649869149_8119211494724797055_nOne of the roof panels in mid-air!
⌂ Working on the roof after the chimney parts have been put in place


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