Construction Week 2

by Prêt-à-loger

Another week complete and we are moving closer to our goal and Versailles. Last week we laid the foundations – literally. Now we can focus on constructing the original house. This week we look at the floor and walls.

Although our design is based on a traditional Dutch row house, it was never going to be possible to transport a real one to France. Therefore we had to build our own ‘original house’. There have been a few changes in order to comply to the competition rules. For example: the house in Versailles will be slightly shorter in order not to exceed the so-called Solar Envelope, which is a rule installed by the competition to make sure houses do not shade each other during the competition. It will also be an entirely wooden prefab structure since the short construction time frame of Versailles does not allow us to build in the traditional manner, which is masonry. Our engineers have worked hard so that the house in Versailles will be as close as possible to the original in Honselersdijk.

The floor of the house comprises of large panels that sit across the wooden foundation beams. These panels are made out of smaller wood lengths and ply board in order to keep them as light as possible. They also feature hoisting points and pre sawn junctions for the walls.

The walls are constructed in a similar fashion but in order to make our wooden house look like the brick original, they have brick slips stuck on to them. Brick slips are brick tiles that are connected by mortar like real bricks but they do not carry any of the building load and are merely there for their appearance. Furthermore they are insulated and constructed in such a way that they are easily hoisted in place during construction.

10155554_299167093572838_1309676792713640194_nPutting down the very first floor panels
10309735_300586453430902_871688129385221768_nEnjoying a well earned break in front of the newly placed facade
10246806_300586423430905_7554457678435138231_nSecuring the first walls in place

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